Our professional approach has seen Zampell successfully grow across many different refractory related industries.
Our technical expertise and installation experience is applied to every contract we undertake. We actively support our customers on a daily basis with breakdown situations, partial or complete rebuilds, new projects together with offering advice on their future maintenance plans.

Waste to Energy & Biomass
Zampell are the market leader for refractory services within the UK’s Waste to Energy and Biomass maintenance industry.
We have the resources and capacity to offer a complete and comprehensive design and installation package.
Our experience not only covers maintenance and new construction projects including some of the largest incinerators built in Western Europe, but also long term maintenance agreements with incineration plant operators and owners.
Zampell have considerable experience with all the different tube wall tiling systems in use throughout the UK and Europe.
Our incineration experience includes many technologies and sectors including:

  • Municipal Waste Incinerators
  • Sewage Sludge Incinerators
  • Hazardous Waste Incinerators
  • Thermal Oxidisers
  • Agricultural Incinerators
  • Effluent Incinerators
Technologies include:

  • Fluid bed
  • Circulating Fluid bed
  • Rotary
  • Multi-hearth
  • Moving Grate
Each type of unit provides different chemical and physical conditions, Zampell understand that it is of paramount importance to recognise each of these in the selection and application of each refractory material.

With the ever increasing demand for non ferrous products growing around the world, our considerable construction experience within the primary and secondary aluminium industries is increasingly in demand.
Working with strategic partners, we have developed specialist constructions techniques and skills that enable faster turn rounds for clients during refurbishments and new constructions. A Carbon Bake furnace probably represents the single biggest consumer of refractories; an installation of this magnitude clearly requires a commensurate level of expertise, skilled labour and organisation, all of which we have at Zampell Refractories. Working with Gouda Vuurvast of the Netherlands, has enabled us to perfect the art of continuous construction of a Carbon Bake Furnace without the need to take it out of production.
Furnaces within this industry will require the installation of many different types of refractories, from special non-wetting low cement castables to phosphate bonded brickwork and guniting. With our close relationships with manufacturers we ensure that we are able to offer our clients the most effective and advanced material for each application.

Iron & Steel
Zampell’s experience within the iron and steel industries includes the successful completion of contracts in the forging and heat treatment industries.
We have experience in other traditional and new technologies including: coke ovens, degassers and converters and direct reduced iron plants.

Power Generation
No other Company is better placed than Zampell to offer a complete refractory service to the Power Generation industry. The Company’s unrivalled history and experience spans almost 50 years.
We carry out regular term maintenance contracts within the power generation industry, some contracts we have held for more than 10 years. For process plant and boiler manufacturers we can offer a full new design and engineering service, along with refractory maintenance contracts to existing plant and equipment. Power generation spans many different technologies from fossil fuel fired units, biomass gasifiers, package boilers and Heat recovery steam generation etc.
The ability to plan and effectively execute boiler outage work to restricted time schedules and work alongside many different contractors safely and effectively has always been a key factor in building customers’ loyalty to Zampell Refractories. Power generation remains an important part of our overall business, and the company has experience of working at most stations within the UK and many more around the world.
As an integral part of our activities within the power generation industry Zampell have a market leading concealed fixing burner quarl tile system. The burner quarl has been long adopted as the standard within the coal fired power generation industry. Our system is so reliable that installations have been successfully executed in over 20 countries worldwide to date. The systems are manufactured from Silicon carbide and are retained using a patented concealed fixing system that is made from high grade cast stainless steel. The system benefits include a high resistance to slag adhesion, abrasion resistance of localized tubes to the burner which both result in less burner fouling, better heat transfer and increased burner firing efficiency.

Our key personnel have obtained valuable experience working at refineries in the UK and the Middle East.
We have experience of most types of installation in this sector including crude distillation units, fired heaters, sulphur recovery units, bitumen plants, waste heat recovery units, thermal oxidisers and chimney construction.
Refractory installations carried out by us in the petrochemical sector incorporate

  • Casting
  • Guniting
  • Refractory brickwork
  • Acid Resistant brickwork
  • Fibre installation
  • Erosion resistant refractories
  • Mouldable and rammables
Zampell fully appreciates the critical nature of working in a petrochemical environment along with the extremely high demands in the Health, Safety and the Quality control procedures. We are able to liaise closely with Clients and/or independent inspectors adapting our normal procedures to incorporate any of their specific requirements.

General Refractory Installations
Many years' hands on experience of specialist refractory installations has given Zampbell the ability to undertake any size of refractory installation within any of our refractory related industries. We cater for any size contract, from a small furnace repair requiring a single refractory mason, to major refractory installations where manning levels can reach 50 multi-skilled personnel.
Our multi skilled workforce enables us to carry out refractory lining applications with a combination of lining structures such as cast, rammed, fibre and brick without the need to use contractors.

Food Industry
When production downtime can result in major financial losses to the customer, the effective maintenance and repair of equipment is of paramount importance.
Zampell has a strong reputation within this industry for delivering equipment back to the customer within budget and on time. We are very active throughout the food and drinks industry carrying out refractory repairs to many types of plant and equipment including shaft kilns, heaters, oxidisors, kettle systems, furnaces and flue lining systems. Our contractual activities span both the UK and globally.
Our contractual activities are extensive with those regularly undertaking inspections and carrying out refractory repairs. Our highly skilled work force allows us to effectively manage refractory repairs to very tight deadlines and in quite hazardous applications. The professional approach that our managers and skilled work force bring to these contracts ensures that whatever the scale of the activity it will always be carried out in a safe and professional manner.