Providing the essential services to enable the complete inlife projejct delivery from concept to ongoing maintenace. Improving perfomance or concept design to completion and instal. Refractories is what we are, what we do.


Our experience has come from first hand involvement within many different refractory sectors. This has enabled Zampell to offer a professional consultancy package to all of our existing and potential customers.

From a new furnace refractory design layout, improving existing thermal performances of furnace linings to offering our guidance on the controlled demolition and construction in varied refractory applications. You can be certain that Zampell can offer you a professional service for your refractory package.


Using our vast experience and the latest 3D CAD Software we are able to solve the most complex scenarios.

The ability to identify and resolve potential issues at design stage before they reach manufacture and construction, saving both time and associated costs for our clients. We can model in 3D CAD, from simple components to complex refractory designs for large industrial plants.

We use 3D printing for Design verification and as part of the manufacturing process.


Our experience of specialist refractory installations has given Zampell the ability to undertake any size of refractory installation within most refractory related industries.

We cater for most types of contract, from a small furnace repair requiring a single refractory mason to a major new refractory construction where manning levels may reach 50 multi-skilled personnel. Whatever the contract we deliver to our customers a quality job that is completed safely, to budget and on time.


Our high level of supervision to installer experience and know-how gives our customers confidence in the professional approach that we adopt on any contract.

There is increasing demand from international customers to utilise local, more cost-effective labour. To support companies overseas we can offer a complete service of providing supervision and skilled installers to control or to work with local contractors. This enables the customer to keep within their budgets and to undertake either large scale or technically challenging refractory contracts using our trained supervisors/installers with their cost effective local labour.