Our knowledge and experience of refractory installations covers a broad spectrum of industries. In today’s modern production society more demands are being placed on customer’s plant and equipment to increase productivity by being faster, more efficient and more reliable.
We understand that downtime of process plant impacts heavily on business profitability.

Utilising our expertise across these industries enables us to apply application technologies or materials from one industry to another where they would never normally be associated. This proactive approach has enabled Zampell to solve many refractory application problems and get customers back into production, with minimal downtime.


Our associate company, Vulcan Refractories, a UK based Zampell company, specialises in the manufacture of high quality refractories in a wide range of refractory materials for many industries globally.

fibre modular systems from zampell

Fibre Modular Systems
At our head office we operate our facility for the manufacture and supply of our fibre module lining systems.
We have the capacity to manufacture standard and non-standard sized modular systems, ranging from 300mm to 2000mm long individual modules with thicknesses from 50mm – 400mm thick. We carry a full range of fibre products that include body soluble fibre, ceramic fibre, pyrolog and Mullite 1650ºC rated fibre.
Systems supplied include folded and sawn face designs, 1650ºC rated composite modules, veneering module systems, linear lined blanket systems. We offer a full range of anchorage systems that include self-tapping screws, pyro-studweld, C D studweld, drawn arc studweld, bolt through and interlocking systems. All anchorage systems are available in stainless steel grades of AISI 316, 304 & 310.
Zampell offers a full installation service for the modular products that they produce. Our installation engineers are highly trained and have many years’ experience working on many types of furnace applications.
We also offer our unparalleled, prefabricated panel systems for the construction of complete furnaces or just roof panel systems to replace old redundant dense refractory systems. These prefabricated panel systems have the ability to be self-supporting and span distances of over 10 metres. They are fabricated using cold rolled steel sections welded together incorporating the fibre modular system pre-installed onto the steel panel face thus allowing for a very fast installation and reducing downtime.
  • Supply and install new ceramic fibre/bio soluble fibre linings.
  • Experienced in electric element hanging systems and gas fire furnaces.
  • Supply and install linings to bespoke thermal oxidisers, incinerators and hot-bypass ducting.
  • Supply modules worldwide together with installation supervision.

Precast Refractory Shapes
From our manufacturing facility we produce our pre-fired refractory shapes. Our capacity ranges from small intricate burner quarls to large shapes up to 2 tonnes.

Our drying furnace incorporates plc data log controllers to ensure all detailed temperatures and schedules are recorded and can fire shapes to 1250ºC.
The facility can produce up to 6 tonnes a day of precast shapes, from various grades of refractory castables.
We have our own carpentry fabrication facility for the manufacture of specific shaped moulds which allow us to remain competitive when offering this service to our customers.

Burner Quarl Tiles
Zampell supply a market leading concealed fixing burner quarl tile system. Our system has long been adopted as the standard within the coal fired power generation industry.Our system is so reliable that installations have been successfully executed in over 20 countries worldwide to date.
They are primarily manufactured from silicon carbide and are retained using a patented concealed fixing system that is made from high grade cast stainless steel. The system benefits includes a high resistance to slag adhesion, abrasion resistance for protection of tubes local to the burner which both result in less burner fouling, better heat transfer and increased burner firing efficiency.

Our “patented concealed fixing” burner quarl tile system offers many advantages over conventional refractory concrete type systems:
  • Engineered system designed specifically for each individual burner type and tube configuration.
  • A pre-fired material selected specifically for fuel type, offering known properties and performance through QA controlled manufacture. The material will be selected to minimise slag adhesion and chemical attack or abrasion as a result of exposure to the fuel and products of combustion.
  • Precise quarl profile through design and manufacture to provide the optimum combustion.
  • Concealed fixing method to not only maintain the integrity and strength of the tile but also to offer protection from the combustion environment.
  • System can be retro-fitted to existing boilers and burners with minimal disruption. By careful design we can offer our tile system for an almost limitless variety of burner quarl profiles.
  • The foregoing results in the increased longevity in service of the quarl together with improved & more efficient combustion when compared to using traditional methods of forming quarl profiles. Indeed our burner quarl system has remained in some boilers for over 10 years with minimal maintenance.
We are the market leader in segmented burner quarl tile technology.

Protective Encapsulation Systems
Where hot gas or chemical erosion is present within the operational atmosphere, Zampell has options to combat and reduce this attack on refractory lining systems.

Our products range from specialist tiles that utilise our ceramic screw bolt system, to specialist refractory coatings systems that are all manufactured in house.
This gives us the ability to alter the chemical composition or consistency to suit the actual application. Our systems are becoming a standard solution for fibre encapsulation and gas erosion protection.
Protective Tiles
The protective tile system helps protect low thermal mass linings from corrosive/reactive gas atmospheres, it can also be used for a clean tile system within the sanitary/ and fine china industries eliminating kiln dirt problems and guaranteeing a clean kiln chamber.
Tile systems are easily installed over the hot face of ceramic fibre linings using our bespoke “patented” ceramic screw bolt system. The tile systems can be either installed on their own to create a clean environment or alternatively along with the Zampell electric element support systems.
Z-Coat is a high temperature economical ceramic fibre coating system specifically developed for the total encapsulation and protection of new or old ceramic fibre linings.
Unlike other lower grade systems, Z-Coat is manufactured from high grade zirconia along with a pure Mullite binder to create an extremely effective coating system that is robust, easy to apply and protects the fibre substrate.
Benefits are:

  • Can operate in temperatures up to 1700ºC
  • Locks in harmful fibres.
  • Increases new fibre lifetimes by 30% by reducing chemical attack & thermal stress.
  • Inert to most chemicals with its unique zirconia/ mullite matrix system.
  • Easily applied via trowel or spray systems.

Mokesys Flexible Tiling systems
Custom-made concepts for the design of your boiler and the process requirements
Mokesa offers suitable refractory products for all zones in the boiler. We use special designs for boiler structures subject to customer requirements that include corners, openings, transitions, etc., to ensure a continuous lining of the boiler tube walls.
The System Requirements

  • High-temperature strength
  • High thermal conductivity
  • Mechanical and structural stability
  • Prevention of slag deposits
The patented Mokesys® tile system

  • Allowance for different expansions in the boiler and between the boiler and the tiling system
  • Allowance for expansions in the event of local overheating and unbalanced load
  • High oxidation resistance by nitride bonding and double fired method
  • Flue-gas protected supports made of corrosion-resistant stee
The benefits

  • Durability and long service life
  • High heat transfer
  • Low contamination, low build-up of slag
  • Highly cost effective
  • Easily serviced
Backed with jointless, castable concrete:
The classical Mokesys® tile systems

Mokesys® provides double protection against tube wall corrosion: Firstly by a thin closed layer of low-pororosity, specially developed fine-grained SiC concrete, and secondly by the internationally patented Mokesys® tiles.
In practice, the nitride bonding of the fine SiC grains and the double-firedtiles offer long-term resistance to aggressive slag, high temperatures and high energy density, plus excellent thermal fatigue resistance. Customised tile dimensions guarantee optimum system behaviour in operation.
Different expansions of the tiles and the boiler steelwork are compensated by an intelligent design and specifically calculated expansion joints.
The heat resistant metallic tile supports are positioned away from the expansion joint behind the tile and are thus protected against flue gas corrosion.
The Mokesys® Air 2E tile system

Mokesys® Air 2E is a rear-ventilated tiling system for boiler tube walls that has been specially developed for the boiler area above the combustion chamber. The system consists of nitrided SiC tiles and an air sealing layer that is supplied via an external ventilation system.
The benefit offered by the rear-ventilated tiling system is in the safe protection of the tube wall against corrosion, even if cracks are present and joints are not tight. This system is predominantly used in boilers which are subject to greater movement and the associated stresses, and exposure to potentially very corrosive flue gases. Specific thermal conductivities must be considered during the design process.
The heat resistant metallic tile supports are positioned away from the expansion joint in the air flow behind the tile and are thus protected against corrosion.
The Mokesys® Air 2E inspection tile can be removed and replaced quickly and easily. Inspection of the tube wall and measurement of the temperatures can be carried out with little effort.
The air seal is created in the gap between the tile and the tube wall by slightly compressed air in the manifold and the openings in the tube wall membrane.
Mokesys® Ancor Mokesys®
system moulded bricks

High process requirements, extraordinary stress on the boilers by corrosion, and special boiler designs require customised systems that are suitable for practical applications.
SiC system brick
Transitions between boiler components are optimally designed by moulded bricks. The Mokesa concept has been designed for real-operational conditions, which is confirmed by the long service life and the high functionality.
High thermal conductivity is created thanks to low porosity, high SiC content and a low system thickness which all assist in the reduction of the surface temperature. Combined with a smooth surface, this lowers the risk of adhesion and build-up of deposits.