Design, manufacturing and supply of products for the diverse range of refractory industries.

The ability to produce precast refractory shapes with complete drying and firing facilities. We manufacture low thermal mass modular lining systems along with high-grade ceramics, mastic sealants and coating systems.
All of our manufacturing processes operate with our ISO 9001 procedures.
We support our site operations by offering a stocking facility with many different grades and types of refractory materials.
This also enables us to effect emergency repairs at extremely short notice. Our stock comprises many types of bricks, refractory gunning and casting grade materials together with a full range of low thermal mass module products and anchorage ancillaries. We have our own in-house transport to ensure prompt delivery can be made every time.
Vulcan, another Zampell affiliate specialise in the confidential manufacture of refractory products for many independent customers internationally.. As well as refractories, Vulcan also produces ceramic infra-red and quartz heaters.
With the capability to manufacture both standard industrial shapes as well as custom design units to meet specific needs. Vulcan Refractories currently houses over 2,500 custom shapes to service its many clients
To find out more about Vulcan please follow this link to their dedicated website.