Unparalleled Ceramic Fibre Module manufacturing for the start of 2019!

Orders taken for January, February and March have already exceeded first quarter budgets and given us a great start to 2019!

Since the acquisition by Zampell, fibre module production has been running at maximum levels.

Planned investment throughout 2019 which includes the installation at our Staffordshire based manufacturing facility of a bespoke bandsaw and upgraded hydraulic presses will ensure the high levels of production are comfortably achieved.

Find out more about our Fibre Modular Systems here

With the addition of trainees to supplement our existing experienced and skilled labour force, this trend looks set to continue.

Already this year our manufactured fibre modules have been distributed all over the UK and we have received orders from further afield including Israel and Egypt.

Zampell Ltd have also been manufacturing ceramic fibre modules for our own installation teams, working throughout the UK, with project sites located from Carlisle to Cornwall.

Current projects include:

  • Supply and install new pusher furnace ceramic fibre lining.
  • Repairing electric element and gas furnaces.
  • Supply and install linings to bespoke thermal oxidisers, incinerators and hot-bypass ducting.
  • Customer orders for supervision of fibre installation on sites in France, Egypt and North

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